Lynn Arnold & Dianne Franck have co-owned dogs together for over 19
years.  Lynn has owned Akitas for over 24 years and Dianne has owned
Alaskan Malamutes for over 35 years. Both are very active in showing
but do limited breeding.

Our philosophy is to breed only occasionally and then only to improve
the breed. When breeding we do testing of hips, elbows, knees and eyes,
these tests are vital to the to the well-being and health of your Akita
puppy.  Temperament is of utmost importance to us, a sound mind is as
important as a sound dog.  All our puppies are raised in the home.  They
are socialized and part of our family.  

Matagi Akitas
Club, and the Alaskan Malamute Club of America. Lynn serves as
President of Langley Kennel Club; and Dianne is the Club Delegate
show chairman. In addition Lynn is in the mentoring program with
the Akita Club of America.

Even with limited breeding together we have bred or owned and
shown to their championship over 40 Champions.
Did you know . . because of the good work of the network of AKC parent, regional and local clubs,
the American Kennel Club as a whole is the largest rescue network in America?