CH Akio's Firestorm of Matagi
November 6, 1997 - July 7, 2010

Stormy was well loved by our three boys Alex 5, Colton 3 and
Justin 2.  He was known as the King of the neighborhood and
was loved everyday by a dozen neighborhood kids.  My wife,
Angie and I loved our many years with Stormy and are quite
certain that there will never be another.  He is missed every
moment of everyday.  A proud protector of our family, a playful
big teddy bear for all who knew him, a respected companion of
family, friends and neighbors. I can’t thank you enough for
putting stormy in our lives and I wanted you to know that he
lived a long happy life with lots of friends, and plenty of dog pals
that all played together in the field beside our house.  I do not
think anyone who new Stormy will ever forget him, his awesome
presence was feared by those who did not know him and those
who did know him could not resist rolling around on the floor
with him.  I know that Stormy holds a special place in your heart
as well.....  If it not for finding you, my family would have missed
out on many treasured memories with Stormy.

Always remembering Stormy,
Mark, Angie, Alex, Colton & Justin
CH Kobu's Koast to Koast, TT
Koaster was purchased as a puppy from Susan Cargill in
California to bring in new bloodlines.
Koaster has frozen semen available.

Koaster is OFA Good and CERF clear.
In Memory
CH Matagi's Great Balls of Fire, TT
"Jerry Lee"
October 1, 1999 - October 16, 2012
Jerry Lee was 13 years and 15 days old when he went to the Rainbow
Bridge.  We miss him very much.  Jerry was a once in a lifetime dog;
he caused us such headaches but also provided some of our fondest
Jerry could throw a temper tantrum with the best of them, he
could break out of any crate and either needed to go with us
when we went to dog shows or had to have a sitter to stay with
him over night, he did not want to be left behind.  With his
gentle temperament and outgoing personality, he was a great
ambassador for the breed.  Till we meet again, rest in peace.
CH Matagi's I Wanna Be Famous,
October 1, 1999 - November 19, 2012
It’s been a tough fall and winter for our Akitas – we lost another
one on November 19th.  Amo’s was Jerry Lee’s brother and the
father to many beautiful puppies.  He was a sweet, sweet dog and
all the girls loved him.  We will miss his wake up barks each
morning – telling us to get our butts out of bed .  It’s very quiet
around here now.  
Fire was a once in a lifetime dog – a foundation bitch for a fresh start – an
incredible show dog and a loving companion and housemate.  She always
walked to the beat of her own drum and we kindly fell in line to her beat.

Her purpose was to help improve conformation and temperaments in our line,  
she succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.  Her children, grandchildren and
great-grandchildren possess exceptionally loving temperaments, excelling in
the show ring and producing the best ambassadors for the Akita breed you can
CH Akiko's Fire N Brimstone, CGC, TDI,
November 6, 1997 – November 12, 2012
Fire brought happiness and smiles
to so many and produced puppies
have positively impacted the lives of
others.  She leaves a living legacy in
her get and many funny and not so
funny (funny to her not me)
in our hearts.

Rest well sweet princess you will be
greatly missed by many, but you are
free of pain now; be assured we will
meet again at the rainbow bridge.
Litter sister to Jerry Lee & Amos.
After obtaining her Championship and having a litter, Scarlett
retired to a life of leisure with our friends Dave & Denise Sweede
of Virginia Beach.
CH Matagi's Frankly My Dear
CH Matagi's High N Kori
Kori is owned by our good friend, Caryl Moore of Kumoichi
Akitas.  She is out of CH Akiko's Lord of the Rings and CH
Matagi's Fire N Brimstone, CGC, TDI, TT, ROM.  Kori is
mom to CH Kumoichi Toby at Matagi (Toby) & Kumoichi's
Matagi Zoe (Zoe).
CH Matagi's Rhapsody In Red
September 30, 2001 - August 1, 2013
Suzie was born to be a mom.  She was the best mom ever.  
Even though Suzie has crossed to Rainbow Bridge, she lives on through
her children Libby & Diva.
Kumoichi Matagi's Zoe
AKC Major Championship Pointed
Zoe was bred by Caryl Moore of Kumoichi Akitas.  She is out
of CH Matagi's High N Kori and CH Samkita's Handsome